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Charbel Samuel Aoun is an artist of Lebanese origin born in 1980 in Fanar/ Mount Lebanon, he lives and works currently between Beirut and Paris.  
An architect by training, he left architectural firms and planted a forest in search of natural experiences with the spatial ingredients. In his work the medium acts as a multisensory trigger, inviting to a dialogue between the rational and the emotional, what he calls traces of forgotten languages.
Between 2007 and 2017, his work underwent a significant change: his painting turned to plant materials seeking the space of a skin. This research resonated spatially with several installations exploring dialogues between the human, the medium, and social realities.
Between 2017 and 2020, he developed a design master's program, teaching the dynamics of the social space in critical areas of Beirut, and seeking the form of intervention as an organic entity in dialogue with different layers of a street life.
The last years his work turned to be site-specific,  a natural discussion with the social space.

Solo shows
2017   Paratopia   - Anima Gallery, Doha
2015   L’Exode du Fragile - Tanit Gallery, Beirut
2015   From the Dust - lab 44 Gallery, Paris
2012   Lost Spring   - Smo Gallery, Beirut
2011   Pulse - Art Space Gallery, Dubai
2010   Flows - Art Lounge, Beirut
2007   Out of Space - French   Cultural Center, Beirut

Group shows

2021   La Dispersion du milieu- Festival International des Arts, Bordeaux
2021   PRAXIS OF CHANGE - Firetti  Contemporary, Dubai
2021   Le Salut- Art, ecology  & the commons, Beirut
2021   A Breath into a Hole - Le Lieu, Québec /  -Festival Instants Vidéos, Marseille
2021   The Heap - ARTEEAST, Online  /  -Batman Art Laboratory, Istanbul
2019   Prague Quadrennial- team  Leader USEK University
2019   The Natural, The (Un)Cleansed &  The Foreign, Beirut
2017   Imago Mundi - Contemporary Art of Lebanon, Palermo
2016   Borders - Global  Grand Central, Résidence Suède
2016   La force de la Peinture - Galerie  du Comble, Virton
2015   Arab Terrirories - Capital of Arab Culture, Constantine
2015   Rebirth of a Nation - Beirut Exhibition Center, Beirut
2014   Suvversione del  sensible - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano
2014   Mac International 2014- Belfast
2014   Unsaid Unheard  Untitled -Villa Paradiso-Beirut
2014   In the flesh - Das Weisse Haus,  Vienne
2014   Voice of the invisibles- Institut du Monde Arabe,  Paris
2014   Retour à la Biennale- Espace Culture, Marseille
2013   Jeux de la francophonie, representing Lebanon in painting, Nice
2013   Biennale of the young Mediterranean artists,  Ancône
2013   Residency at Caos Museum, Terni
2013   Tasmeem design  fair- Friendly Gas, Doha
2012   Salon d’Automne by Sursock Museum, Beirut  Exhibition Center, Beirut
2010   Tear down the wall- Art Space  Gallery, Dubai
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